Okay, what I have right here are two alphabets, one is Ancient Hylian while the other is Modern Hylian. This amazing deviant, Sarinilli, is undergoing a project where she’s going to construct a convenient grammar structure so that Zelda nerds can further nerd out. What also really, really cool is that she’s developed some tutorials which explain the Hylian pronunciation, grammar, et cetera which you can find right here

So you guys should help me spread the word so your friends and mine can see this really cool nerdy thing.

ARTIST: Zelda Reorchestrated
TRACK: Farewell Hyrule King
ALBUM: The Wind Waker


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how come it took me like 7 years to notice this?????

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Legend of Zelda - 15 Day Music Challenge

Day 10/15 - Song that used to be your favorite - Nocturne of Shadows {x}


"The Zelda on the CDi were some of my favorites. I don’t understand why they get so much hate!"

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the pokémon company international has announced its strategy to combat the early releases and subsequent leaks, interesting